Finding out I was pregnant


So while my baby is sleeping I thought I’d give a little introduction to how my journey with motherhood began.  I suffer from endometriosis and have done for quite some time.  Knowing this, my husband and I started trying for a baby soon after our marriage.  After quite some time, we went to the Dr as my health was getting worse as well.  I underwent another laparoscapy for endometriosis and a dye test to see what was going on inside in March 2011.  A week before this laparoscapy I decided to start having reflexology treatments as I had read it is good for rebalancing hormone levels etc and I’m not a conventional medicine type of girl.  I underwent the laparoscapy as what told that the next avenue to try for a baby was Chlomid for 3 months to try and stimulate ovulation and if that failed then IVF was my only option or I could try IVF right away.  I was sent away with the tablets with no answers to my questions of how successful this chlomid would be and what the side effects of it would be.  When we got home, I did my own research and decided they were not for me so I threw them away.  IVF was not even an option for us for moral and ethical reasons, so we decided that we’d carry on life as normal and get used to the idea that if we weren’t going to have children that God has a reason behind withholding that from us.  It didn’t remove the deep longing for a child, but it put everything into perspective for us.  I continued to have very regular reflexology treatments as my body was so out of balance it was unreal.  We went on holiday to visit family of mine in June and I was unbelievably tired, would feel really nauseated on windy country roads and just generally felt off.  I never suspected pregnancy at all.  I just figured I was being so irrational due to being tired already and the fact my body was so out of balance and was being put right again and I thought that I had been too long gone from my home country and clearly couldn’t handle the windy back roads anymore! When we came home, I decided to do a test even though I wasn’t late and was in disbelief when it came up positive!!  My husband and I stood in shock looking at it as we had just got our heads around being a family of 2(plus our 2 doggy girls)and now we had to get our heads around the fact we’d be a family of 3!  In the May we had booked a fabulous safari in South Africa with a few days in Cape Town as well for the October to take a break from all the stresses of life……….my main concern at that point was that I’d have to rebuy all the clothes I bought for safari and would I be able to get such maternity clothes!  Clothes are always a top priority as a woman 😀  What amazes us more is that in the same space of time that I was supposed to be taking the chlomid to fall pregnant, God blessed us with a natural pregnancy.  We were so thankful and so excited we told our parents and siblings at 5 weeks and everyone else at 8 weeks.  Kinda early I guess, but there’s already enough bad news in the world so I figured I’d share some good news around for a change!  So anyway, that’s my story up to finding out I was expecting.  I’ll write more about the actual pregnancy etc again.  Thanks for stopping by.  If you have time please leave a comment about how you found out you were expecting, was it a big surprise, had you been trying long(or not at all!) etc.  I’d love to hear them!


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