Real Nappy (Diaper) Week


So as this is real nappy week, I thought I’d see who out there uses cloth diapers for their babies and what you use.  I agonised for months before my baby was born and after she was born about which make to buy and which type to buy.  Should we do pocket ones like the BumGenius Flip?  An all in one?  A shaped nappy?  What about the lovely colours and  cute little wraps?  So much choice.  I read countless reviews of ones I was going to buy and then didn’t.  In the end after she was born we finally settled on a Birth To Potty kit from Little Lambs.  I chose the Bamboo kit as until we had finally settled and were using disposables we had so many leaks and poo explosions it was unreal, so I wanted something that was going to hold it all in.  Little Lamb Bamboo nappies got great reviews, and I must say after using them for a while now we have had no leaks over clothes….except for once in the middle of the night when my husband was so tired he forgot to put the waterproof wrap on over the nappy!!  They are simply great and great value for all that comes in the kit. For Real Nappy Week Little Lamb Nappies are doing some special cost price offers, check them out at Littlelamb .  If you cloth diaper your baby, which ones have you found to be the best for you?


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