April Showers


“April showers bring May flowers”.  I’m sure we’re all familiar with that little rhyme, and with the downpour of rain we’ve had here over the past few weeks, I am certainly expecting there to be lots of flowers next month 😀  But, hopefully, by the end of today, we’ll have a different kind of shower around here.  When we bought our house, the bathroom was in need of some serious work, but we couldn’t afford to fix it up.  My parents kindly gifted us the money last year to have a new shower, bath etc fitted and to retile the room.  After getting all the stuff and finally finding a plumber and tiler, work commenced last August.  It took quite a while to complete (mainly because the tiler dragged his work out) and at the end of it we had no working shower as it was discovered that the boiler system in the house was too old and didn’t supply enough pressure to get the water up and out of the new shower we had picked.  There were two options we had: to fit a pump to get the pressure or fit a whole new boiler.

Paying for a boiler up front was far too much so we opted for a pump.  The only thing was, the plumber disappeared!!  He said he’d fit a pump and was going to research which one we’d need, but then didn’t return any calls.  We then found another plumber who came out and looked at it and called us back with a quote, but then never returned any calls to arrange actually fitting the pump.  We were then recommended another plumber who was told of the previous issues we’d had and he promised he wasn’t like other plumbers(I’m beginning to think they’re all the same!)who came out looked at it, went away to price a pump etc, never returned calls, finally got him and he said he’d been so busy, but he’d call us the following week.  We’re still waiting to hear from him and that was 2 months ago!

My mother in-law, when visiting our daughter, was telling us she was getting a new boiler fitted through this scheme that helps people to replace their old boiler for a new and energy efficient one.  So, we made enquiries, decided we’d be able to afford the work plus it’d be best all round to fit the boiler as eventually we’d need to do that anyway, and today the work is being done!  Yippee!

I’m so excited and cannot believe that after all these months I may finally be able to use the lovely shower we have instead of just looking at it there on the bathroom wall.  The downside is, I shall no longer be able to ignore cleaning the glass shower screen that goes with it! 😀  It would’ve been nice to have had it done during my pregnancy when, with my symphysis pubis disorder, once I was down in the bath I couldn’t get out without assistance.  But I’m so thankful it’s finally being done.  Life will be that little bit easier now.  No more waiting around 30 minutes for water to heat to fill a bath.  No more waiting for it to reheat so another person can get washed.  No more having to hope that the little one stays asleep long enough for the water to heat, the bath to fill and me to get washed and dressed.  Ah, the joy of quickly hopping in the shower, turning it on and having instant hot water and getting the whole experience over with in 10 mins instead of an hour.

It should all be done later today if no problems arise(I’m sat with baited breath as this house seems to throw problems in your face at every twist and turn)and, as soon as the workmen are gone, I may just have to have a shower just because I finally can 😀


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