Yard work on a sunny Saturday


Well, after weeks and weeks of rain, the sun has finally popped its head up today.  That means it’s time to get out in the garden and cut the grass.  It’s starting to look more like a meadow and a rather inviting home for a horse.  The garden is what attracted us to this house because it was so big.  I imagined our dogs running around it(they don’t run in it unless there’s a cat to chase), and I imagined a veggie patch at the bottom etc etc.  We’ve been here 2 and half years now, and has any of this materialised?  Nope!!  There was/is so much DIY needing done in the house to rectify mistakes from past owners that we’ve not been able to get time in the garden.  It looked like a jungle when we got the keys, and it’s worse now.  Bushes are taking over,weeds are the only flowers we have(and there are some huge weeds!) the grass is a nightmare to keep up with, and my veggie patch is currently a dumping ground for stuff that needs to be taken for disposal or recycling.  My grand plans for the garden have failed miserably, and I’ve definitely learned a lesson….don’t buy a house with a big garden, unless the inside of the house is in immaculate condition or it will go to waste especially if you’re not great with plants etc to begin with.  I’d like to get it sorted though because when I look out the back bedroom window it is a rather embarrassing sight indeed compared to our neighbours’ yards, but I also feel sad that there’s so much potential out there that we haven’t taken the time to unlock, and now with a little one we currently have even less time to unlock it and may never see it looking pretty in our time here.  We’ll make a start today though….at least the grass will be cut by the end of it if nothing else!  For all you people out there with big gardens and green fingers, how do you manage to keep on top of it all?!  I greatly admire you!  PS: please would you come and give my garden a make over?!?!? 🙂


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    • Thank you. I do love home grown tomatoes!! Hope they grow well for you. 🙂 I did try tomatoes 2 years ago(last summer I was bed ridden with HG), and we got quite a lot of little tomatoes from the few plants that weren’t eaten alive by insects, and they just taste so much better than store bought!

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