HG Awareness Day-it’s not just morning sickness!


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So, May 15th 2012 is the first annual international Hyperemesis Gravidarum awareness day sponsored by the HER Foundation.  All I can say is about time too!!!  This needs to get some serious global awareness!!  It angers me how I was treated during my pregnancy by doctors and other medical professionals who weren’t clued up about HG.  Reluctantly at around 7 weeks they gave me medication to try and stop me being sick after I landed at A and E, but I had to try various forms of the anti sickness medication and none of them were great, and even with them I was still violently sick every day.  Still they refused to recognise that I actually had HG until 18 weeks, and just kept saying it was morning sickness…despite the fact I was bedridden the whole time and needed help to just go to the bathroom!  That was the frustrating part, coming up against people who were supposed to be able to help you but who just didn’t have a clue and the only response they could give was, “It’ll be gone by week x.”  HG caused all sorts of other medical problems throughout my pregnancy as well as leaving me angry, resentful and very lonely.  I had to miss so many events because of it, we couldn’t plan to go anywhere as I never knew from day to day how severe it would be, and it was awful having the worry of what effect all this medication coupled with either no food, or a mashed potato diet for months on end would do to my unborn child.

Also, due to lack of awareness, I had no idea that after the birth I would still be suffering from this condition!!  I mentioned to my GP that I was still continually nauseated and also vomiting and was met with a blank stare and no solutions as to what it could be.  I had to do my own research which is how I discovered the HER Foundation in the first place and where I discovered that it could take up to 2 years post partum to fully recover.  People need to be made aware, families need to be made aware of this debilitating and at times fatal condition so the signs can be picked up sooner and more women helped quicker instead if it just being put down to morning sickness, those in the medical profession need to be more aware of what HG actually is, and how they can help people quicker both during the pregnancy and during the recovery period.  I hope this first annual world HG  Awareness Day is the start of great things.  It could help all the women in your life and their unborn babies if they have a better understanding of HG and are able to obtain better medical care and more understanding from those around than I ever did.  Afterall, forewarned is forearmed!!


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