When Life Throws You a Curve Ball


Do you ever get those times when life seems to be motoring along at a pace of normality, and out of no where something happens that shakes your world around a bit?  That happened to me this week.  Let’s rewind many, many years when I contracted a serious illness.  Since then I have never felt well.  I’ve grown used to my state of health and it has become my new ‘feeling well’, and there are days when I feel more well than others.  Since this illness a whole host of other illnesses have come about, namely endometriosis, bladder infections galore, extreme lethary, zero energy, foggy head, stomach problems, the list is endless.  I have spent countless years back and forth at Doctors surgeries being prescribed things like the birth control pill for endometriosis (which I eventually refused to take), antibiotics for various infections, and endured 4 laparoscapies to burn off any endometriosis and remove ovarian cysts.  But each year my health seems to get even worse.  The emotional side is the worst.  On the outside, I look normal, so people often think I am being a hypochondriac, generally lazy, and attention seeking.  It’s eaten away at my self-confidence.  I entered into a teaching job which is what I trained to do after my degree and was often off sick as my body just couldn’t cope with the pace and when I did go in there was this overwhelming sense that people just saw me as someone who wanted to get paid but couldn’t be bothered to turn up to work and that I was just playing a game of illness, which of course made everything worse, and I finally resigned.  I’ve struggled to understand why this has all happened and why I can’t be healthy.  Any time I’ve been to doctors, they never listen to all the symptoms, and before I’m done they’ve prescribed some pill or another.

In recent years I’ve grown increasingly disillusioned with the conventional medical system and all the medication they seem to prescribe so readily.  I turned to reflexology after my last laparoscapy and noticed a marked improvement in my health.  Since the birth, I just can’t seem to get on my feet again at all.  It’s like my whole system has just collapsed.  Doctors keep putting everything down to my being anaemic, which yes, I’m sure it can’t help, but a lot of these symptoms were there before I became anaemic, so it can’t explain everything.  All the conventional forms of iron played major havoc with my stomach and I was beginning to despair.  I’ve spent years praying for God to give me some answers to my health, but in the past few months I’ve begged like never before.

My husband’s family have been attending a homeopath for many years, so he decided to contact the man and ask him if there was any form of natural iron supplement he knew of that would be kind to my stomach.  He mentioned Spatone.  It’s natural spring water that’s rich in iron.  I started taking it about 2 weeks ago and there has been a marked improvement and thankfully it didn’t affect my stomach.  My husband arranged for me to go and see the homeopath in the hopes he could help get my health back on track.  I assumed I’d get some remedy to take and that’d be it.  We got there and I had a detailed health questionnaire to go through with him.  When I first started getting reflexology treatments, my therapist mentioned an infection caused by Candidiasis Albecans and suggested I cut yeast and sugar out of my diet.  Of course, it sounded great, but the thought of giving up bread or cookies just seemed like too much.  However, after I finished the questionnaire, the homeopath said he didn’t need to do any tests as he knew exactly what the root cause was: Candidiasis Albecans!  He told me how when my immune system was down the bacteria had had a chance to take hold and it had in turn caused all my other issues and the antibiotics and hormonal treatments from the doctors had aggravated the problem further as well as my diet feeding the problem.

After hearing about the severity of the situation and what could happen if left untreated, I was excited to hear that with treatment I could have a drastically different life and feel full of life again.  Wow, I left feeling ecstatic!  I also left with a huge tub of antifungals, probiotics, aloe vera, garlic and other pills to get the infection under control along with a list of foods that I was to avoid for about 18 months.  It was exciting to think that soon my life was going to be better, which will be great for my husband and child as well.

Yesterday, however, the reality of the situation set in.  Firstly, I hate taking pills, and I have about 10 to take a day.  That terrifies me.  Secondly, to get better, I have to give up all yeast products, fruits, products with sugar, pork, mushrooms, cheese….pretty much all the stuff I love.  Secondly, we’d just stocked the freezer with meals that include things I’m no longer allowed to eat and it disappoints me as the food seems wasted along with my energy that went into preparing them.  18 months seems like such a long time.  On top of all that I got a bit of bad news, and last night I admit I had a little cry.  I am thankful God has finally brought someone along who could give me answers and a solution to my ill health, but the battle ahead seems so daunting that I despair and feel so daunted.  Praise God, He has given me a husband who loves me enough to willingly choose to give up all the nice things in life to support me through this time.  I found this quote and it really sums up how I feel right now.

“Enthusiasm is followed by disappointment and even depression, and then by renewed enthusiasm.”

– Murray Gell-Mann


I know there will be dark days ahead on this journey as my body fights this infection and clears the toxins from my system, and it’s going to mean major changes to our lives.  However, the hope of feeling genuinely WELL and HEALTHY for the first time in about 10 years, wow, that’s priceless.  So for myself, my husband and my daughter, I’m going to accept the changes that need to happen, and I look forward to seeing an improvement in my health in the next few months and over the 18 months.  I will have to keep a record of how it goes.  Now to find new recipes and foods to replace all the bread etc that I’d normally be eating!!


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