A Pill A Day…or 10!


time to become a walking medicine cupboard!

This picture shows all the pills I have to take in a month.  I can feel my mouth and throat clamping tightly shut just looking at them.  So what do I have to take?

Psyllium Husk: once a day to help break up all the nastiness in my gut and to get rid of Candida’s nice little home in there.

Caprylic Acid: twice a day also to kill off bad bacteria and encourage the good bacteria to start multplying again.

Super Dophyilus: twice a day to replenish my body with 8 strains of friendly bacteria.

Multivit & Iron: once a day to ensure I’m getting the right vitamins, minerals etc with the strict diet.

Milk Thistle: once a day to protect the liver against damage from the 79 poisons released by Candida.

Omega 3: once a day to boost my immune system and work as an anti-imflammatory.

Garlic: once a day to slow down the spread of the bad bacteria.  It acts as a natural anti-biotic and helps support the immune system as well.

WOW!  For someone who hates taking pills even once in a while that sure is a lot to swallow.  I keep trying to remind myself that it’s short term pain for long term gain.  Hopefully that helps me get them down, but I think it’s going to be a major daily struggle!


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