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Patience and Grace Needed Here Please!!!


Ever get those days as a parent when life just seems to be against you?!  I’m now into my second day of that.  I’m currently rather ill with a cold and chest infection(the weather round here’s been so changeable that viruses etc are having a great time with people’s immune systems), so am not really feeling up to the job of being mum.  I wish there was an option to call in sick to work because right now I could really use some time to recover!

Yesterday, my daughter screamed  No matter what I did.  She refused to go down til 10pm and I was so exhausted I followed to bed shortly after.  I was feeling exasperated.  Today, I woke up hoping things would be better, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I’ve tried feeding, cuddling, playing, dealing with any underlying teething pain, wrapping her, but nothing will pacify this child today!!!!  Except, of course, sitting out in the blazing sunshine, which she then got fed up with and cried but screamed even more when I brought her in to bring her bouncy chair etc inside so the dogs wouldn’t destroy it.  This is made all the more embarrassing and frustrating as both sets of neighbours are outdoors and can hear her scream like I’m causing her some harm.  I was so stressed out, I ended up slipping on some water spilled by the dogs and twisting my knee and ankle.  So, I have placed her safely upstairs, still screaming at the top of her lungs, closed the door (and the windows to save the outside world from having to suffer the same fate as me), and come down here for a quick 5 minute breather as this tired mama is at meltdown point.  I hate listening to her crying alone, and I rarely leave her like this, but I felt for my sanity’s sake right now it was best to get some space between us for a few minutes so I could just breathe before going to try and find a solution.

My husband’s unhelpful solution was to have patience…………..clearly he couldn’t see that my patience tank is running on empty with being sick, exhausted and having already listened to her screaming for a whole day previously!  So, if there is any patience out there to be had, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease send it this way.  And if you can’t find any then please, please say a prayer for God’s grace right now.  We sure would appreciate it.

Do you ever get days like this?  How do you get through them?

What’s On Your Reading List?


We have decided to do Baby Led Weaning here, or BLW.  Before my daughter was born I asked for two books for Christmas on BLW.  One on BLW itself called Baby Led Weaning by Gill rapley and Tracey Murkett  and the cookbook to go with it.  Seeing as the little one is becoming increasingly interested in food at meal times and has started reaching for food off my plate and trying to get it to her mouth, I figured now would be a good time to actually pull them off the bookshelf and read them!  We even tried out the home made burger recipe yesterday and it was delicious.  I’ve never made gome made burgers before, but now that we have tried and tasted how yummy they are, I don’t think I’ll be buying store bought again!!  So, that’s what I’m currently reading; what about you?



My heart goes out to all those involved in the cinema shooting in Denver, Colorado.  What a shocking, devastating happening.  What a senseless waste of precious life.  I hurt for all those families who have lost a parent, a wife, husband, son daughter, sister, brother etc.


Lord, be with all those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.   Pour out your love and grace on them.  Be also with those who are currently in hospitals being treated for injuries they have sustained.  Heal them fully and quickly.  And be also with all those who witnessed this carnage, especially any children who were there.  Help them deal with and live through the emotional trauma that comes with witnessing such an atrocity.   Amen.


Someone shared this on Facebook this evening, and I’d like to share it here as it’s a great read. It’s reminded me that I really am doing a great job.

A Week Of Milestones


This week has been marked with a few milestones for us.  My daughter managed to stay sat up unaided for a minute on Monday, and, yesterday, she rolled from her back to her front and back again twice.  While these developments have delighted me to see and I have cheered her on, they’ve also pained my heart slightly too as I can see that shift from extremely dependant newborn to mobile and less dependant baby then toddler is just around the corner.  If only it were possible to keep them babies and allow them to grow up at the same time. 🙂


I’ve also had my own milestone in that yesterday I managed my first long distance drive in 8 months!  Before those 8 months when I did do the 4 hour round trip I would be bedridden for at least a day if not more, and then I became too ill to even attempt it.  Yesterday, I decided to give it a go.  I made it, and today I am tired and I may not do much else other than take care of my daughter and walk the dogs, but I am not bedridden and I don’t feel wiped out.  Praise God!  I am slowly getting better!


Have there been any significant milestones in your life recently?

One Month In


It’s been about a month since I started my diet, and I am still for the most part feeling good and full of energy.  I’m able to do my housework again, which is great as when I was really ill it made me feel worse to stare at all the chores that kept taunting me.  There’s still a huge to-do list, but at least I’m keeping on top of it these days!  I have lost a lot of weight though.  The homeopath did warn me I could lose weight as the candida were adding about 4lbs to my weight (WOW), but I’ve lost more than this, and it’s getting a bit disconcerting.  I don’t want to look stick thin, nor do I really want to have to replace every item of clothing as my current clothes are falling off.  I have been sticking to my diet very well, except for at the wedding reception………..there was a reason for this though.  I could’ve just had a plain burger without the bun and eaten the salad.  But instead I chose to have a burger in a bun with some ketchup and mayo, a sausage(another thing on the no no list), a piece of the wedding cake and a little mini brownie.  Why?  Well, this week my family’s received some pretty scary news.  It has brought home to me the brevity of life.  And I thought to myself, well, I may die tomorrow, and whether I eat the bread etc or not can’t and won’t change that if it is to be so.  No one knows how long a life they have to live.  And yes, for 99% of the time I stick to my diet, but life is so short, that I am not going to deprive myself of a little treat at such a special event.  I woke up feeling no worse for the wear.  I did expect to feel really sick and have an awful tummy ache as that did happen once before when I ate something I didn’t realise I shouldn’t eat, but nothing!  My energy levels have still be good as well.  Obviously, I am back on to my strict eating regime now as I don’t want to return to how ill I was only 4 weeks ago, but there are some scenarios where I think it’s only fair to break the diet rules just a little and enjoy the scrumptious culinary delights in this world…………in moderation, of course! 🙂

Another Great Reason for Babywearing



We were invited to an evening wedding reception a while ago, and I had been kind of anxious as it was due to start right around the time my daughter normally starts getting cranky and wanting to be asleep.  I kept having visions of her screaming so loud the whole reception would be disrupted(she is REALLY loud).  Anyway, off we set for the reception and I took our latest wrap which the other mama sent to me with added sleepy dust (every time my little one’s in in she just drifts off to sleep).  I really shouldn’t have worried about how she would cope seeing as I had a wrap on hand.

We got there, and mingled around.  My daughter enjoyed meeting new people and checking out all the new sights.  When she started getting a bit restless, I found a nice quiet spot removed from all the noise and people to feed her as she’s very easily distracted from feeding by any noise or movement.  After she’d finished feeding, I took her and got her changed and wrapped her up and within 10 minutes she was fast asleep.  This left me with 2 free hands to enjoy the BBQ that was on offer, and as the reception was outside(if only I’d know I may have brought a long sleeved top to wear!!) it meant my little one was all snuggly warm up against me getting heat from me.

With the loud music and also the fireworks display, other babies and little children who were there in carseats or pushchairs woke up and were crying and needed to be settled all over again, but I covered my daughter’s ear with my hand to drown out as much noise as possible and she slept soundly through it all, not even waking up for the bangs of exploding fireworks!

The wrap was like her little home away from home.  A place where she was able to cuddle in and switch off from the very busy, unfamiliar environment and feel safe.  It meant we could get her to sleep at the time she was used to going to bed at, and still be able to be out and enjoying the wedding celebrations.  It gives us the freedom to go to such events without the fear of an overtired, screaming child who is needing her bedtime but is nowhere near her bed or has nowhere to get away from the overstimulation of sound etc.

Have I said how much I LOVE babywearing?! 😀