New Eating Regime Update


I’ve been on my yeast and sugar free diet for a few weeks now.  I’m now also taking all 10 pills a day.  This is such a triumph for me.  I know it probably isn’t great for killing off all that nasty candida bacteria quickly, but I started off by taking 4 a day and gradually adding the rest in to get my mind over the fact I had to swallow so many.  I still sometimes struggle, and I have to walk away and finish off taking them at a later point in the day, BUT they are going down and staying down and that’s the main thing!!!  So, how’s it been going?  Well, there have been definite improvements already.  I wake up in a morning with a clear head and feel like I’ve actually rested during the night.  This still amazes me as I really can’t remember the last time in my life when I woke up feeling really with it and ready for the day.  My tummy is less bloated as well.  I don’t have a painful tummy anymore either.  I’ve had more energy, but I have to learn to curb my desire to burn myself out when I get a little store of energy as I still tire easily.  I also manage to eat my 3 main meals in a day and no longer feel starved about an hour later…..that’s HUGE.  While at uni all my friends used to laugh at the fact that I constantly had to eat(but if I didn’t I had the shakes as the candida needed its little yeast or sugar fix).  Never before in my life have I gone without snacking between meals.   So, all in all, a very good start even though I started the medication side of things gradually!  I do miss eating fruit as I LOVE fruit, and I look forward to being able to reintroduce it to my diet.  As far as everything else goes, I don’t really miss chocolate, cookies, cakes etc as much as I feared I would do.  I did have a stressful incident last week which made me crave even a square of chocolate(I used to comfort eat a LOT), but apart from that, it doesn’t bother me.  I’ve made cupcakes for birthdays, desserts for company, and bought cake for people while out for coffee, and I rarely feel upset that they’re eating what I can’t eat.  Sometimes it’s irritating that I can’t eat all the meals I used to eat as they contain ingredients I’m currently not longer allowed, but it’s definitely worth it to feel well again!  The progress I have seen already gives me the encouragement I need to stick at it for the next 15ish months.


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