Saved by the wrap


Something I’ve not mentioned yet is that I am a first generation babywearing mama(I say this because I was not wrapped as a baby nor did anyone in my extended family wear their babies, and both my parents and probably my in-laws too are still getting their heads around this break with the ‘traditional’ Western parenting style!).  Well before I even fell pregnant I knew that if I were to have a baby I would want to wear him or her because of all the benefits (more on that again).  We’ve enjoyed every minute of wearing over the last months.  No jostling for position with the pushchair when out and about (we hardly ever use it; the number of times might not even have reached double digits yet!), 2 hands free to get on with house work whilst knowing my little one is safe with me either having a nap or getting an interesting view of what’s going on in the world, 2 hands free to walk my dogs and be able to go for long walks in places where pushchairs would never cope, loads of lovely baby snuggles, the list of great reasons for having a wrap is endless.  But tonight I have just added another great reason to my list.

My angel has been struggling to sleep lately.  She’s teething and it often flares up right as the poor soul needs rest.  She isn’t managing to go to sleep at her normal time and she’s waking up earlier too.  She is oh so tired and you can see in her eyes she’d just love a good sleep.  Tonight, however, was the worst yet.  Normally a quick nurse is all she needs to send her to the land of nod again, or some teething granules and a quick nurse.  Not tonight.  She was screaming hysterically.  My husband paced with her, rocked her, shhh’ed her, still screaming.  Teething granules were administered, and still she screamed a scream that told us something was definitely bothering her big time.  So I decided that maybe I’d just go to bed myself and nurse her in bed(never before has nursing  failed to quieten any cry), but she refused to nurse screaming even more and pushing me away.  I tried skin to skin, but that solved nothing.  I swayed her, sang to her, and she just carried on screaming and wailing.  Suddenly I thought, wrap!!!!  I called to my husband to grab a wrap quickly, and I got her all snuggly in the wrap and within a few mins the hysterical screaming had reduced to tired whimpers and a few minutes later she was fast asleep.

And here we are, one sleeping, tired and poorly angel and a tired, but happy mama later writing this post to tell you all that babywearing is the best!!!  It gives poorly babies a warm, safe place to finally switch off and get some well needed rest, which in turn helps protect the ears of tired, stressed out parents.  Everyone’s a winner! 😀 Do you babywear?  What’s your favourite carrier?  If you don’t babywear and you have a baby or toddler, what are you waiting for?!  Get stuck in to babywearing!  You won’t regret it, I promise 😀


At peace in her wrap which must be covered in sleepy dust


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  1. I love, love, love, LOVE babywearing. We’re a pretty “crunchy” family as it is, but babywearing is by far my favourite of all our crunches. I’ve used a Blue Celery wrap (similar to a K’taan wrap) and a Cybex (like a Bjorn) but it’s the Beco Butterfly that has saved my sanity on many occasions. My sanity and the eardrums of anyone in a ten-block radius. 🙂

    • It’s great to know there are more enthusiastic babywearing parents out there 😀 I’ve just had a look at the Blue Celery wrap and googled k’taan wraps as well as I’d never heard of either of them before. They look cool! x

  2. Yes! I use a moby style wrap my mom made for me. It’s great and puts my little guy to sleep if he’s tired enough. My husband uses a handmedown baby bjorn as it is simpler to put on. The little guy likes both 🙂
    Such a sweet picture of you and your small one! It’s so lovely to finally find something that makes them happy.

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