Another Great Reason for Babywearing



We were invited to an evening wedding reception a while ago, and I had been kind of anxious as it was due to start right around the time my daughter normally starts getting cranky and wanting to be asleep.  I kept having visions of her screaming so loud the whole reception would be disrupted(she is REALLY loud).  Anyway, off we set for the reception and I took our latest wrap which the other mama sent to me with added sleepy dust (every time my little one’s in in she just drifts off to sleep).  I really shouldn’t have worried about how she would cope seeing as I had a wrap on hand.

We got there, and mingled around.  My daughter enjoyed meeting new people and checking out all the new sights.  When she started getting a bit restless, I found a nice quiet spot removed from all the noise and people to feed her as she’s very easily distracted from feeding by any noise or movement.  After she’d finished feeding, I took her and got her changed and wrapped her up and within 10 minutes she was fast asleep.  This left me with 2 free hands to enjoy the BBQ that was on offer, and as the reception was outside(if only I’d know I may have brought a long sleeved top to wear!!) it meant my little one was all snuggly warm up against me getting heat from me.

With the loud music and also the fireworks display, other babies and little children who were there in carseats or pushchairs woke up and were crying and needed to be settled all over again, but I covered my daughter’s ear with my hand to drown out as much noise as possible and she slept soundly through it all, not even waking up for the bangs of exploding fireworks!

The wrap was like her little home away from home.  A place where she was able to cuddle in and switch off from the very busy, unfamiliar environment and feel safe.  It meant we could get her to sleep at the time she was used to going to bed at, and still be able to be out and enjoying the wedding celebrations.  It gives us the freedom to go to such events without the fear of an overtired, screaming child who is needing her bedtime but is nowhere near her bed or has nowhere to get away from the overstimulation of sound etc.

Have I said how much I LOVE babywearing?! 😀


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