One Month In


It’s been about a month since I started my diet, and I am still for the most part feeling good and full of energy.  I’m able to do my housework again, which is great as when I was really ill it made me feel worse to stare at all the chores that kept taunting me.  There’s still a huge to-do list, but at least I’m keeping on top of it these days!  I have lost a lot of weight though.  The homeopath did warn me I could lose weight as the candida were adding about 4lbs to my weight (WOW), but I’ve lost more than this, and it’s getting a bit disconcerting.  I don’t want to look stick thin, nor do I really want to have to replace every item of clothing as my current clothes are falling off.  I have been sticking to my diet very well, except for at the wedding reception………..there was a reason for this though.  I could’ve just had a plain burger without the bun and eaten the salad.  But instead I chose to have a burger in a bun with some ketchup and mayo, a sausage(another thing on the no no list), a piece of the wedding cake and a little mini brownie.  Why?  Well, this week my family’s received some pretty scary news.  It has brought home to me the brevity of life.  And I thought to myself, well, I may die tomorrow, and whether I eat the bread etc or not can’t and won’t change that if it is to be so.  No one knows how long a life they have to live.  And yes, for 99% of the time I stick to my diet, but life is so short, that I am not going to deprive myself of a little treat at such a special event.  I woke up feeling no worse for the wear.  I did expect to feel really sick and have an awful tummy ache as that did happen once before when I ate something I didn’t realise I shouldn’t eat, but nothing!  My energy levels have still be good as well.  Obviously, I am back on to my strict eating regime now as I don’t want to return to how ill I was only 4 weeks ago, but there are some scenarios where I think it’s only fair to break the diet rules just a little and enjoy the scrumptious culinary delights in this world…………in moderation, of course! 🙂


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