A Week Of Milestones


This week has been marked with a few milestones for us.  My daughter managed to stay sat up unaided for a minute on Monday, and, yesterday, she rolled from her back to her front and back again twice.  While these developments have delighted me to see and I have cheered her on, they’ve also pained my heart slightly too as I can see that shift from extremely dependant newborn to mobile and less dependant baby then toddler is just around the corner.  If only it were possible to keep them babies and allow them to grow up at the same time. 🙂


I’ve also had my own milestone in that yesterday I managed my first long distance drive in 8 months!  Before those 8 months when I did do the 4 hour round trip I would be bedridden for at least a day if not more, and then I became too ill to even attempt it.  Yesterday, I decided to give it a go.  I made it, and today I am tired and I may not do much else other than take care of my daughter and walk the dogs, but I am not bedridden and I don’t feel wiped out.  Praise God!  I am slowly getting better!


Have there been any significant milestones in your life recently?


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  1. My year-old daughter is days away from taking her first unassisted step, I think. I used to mourn the loss of babyhood until I finally admitted that, for someone who produced two of them, I don’t really like babies. Toddlers, on the other hand … wall-to-wall awesome. 🙂

    • Any progress with that first step yet? How exciting! I love watching little ones who’re just starting to walk. What, in your opinion, are the greatest things about having toddlers? I must say I adore babies, so maybe that’s why I’m so sad these days go by so quickly or maybe it’s just that deep down I’m a sentimental fool 😀

  2. Hooray! That’s absolutely wonderful! And I’m in absolute agreement on keeping the babies little longer. But each stage is so delightful you can’t help but look forward to it!

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