Patience and Grace Needed Here Please!!!


Ever get those days as a parent when life just seems to be against you?!  I’m now into my second day of that.  I’m currently rather ill with a cold and chest infection(the weather round here’s been so changeable that viruses etc are having a great time with people’s immune systems), so am not really feeling up to the job of being mum.  I wish there was an option to call in sick to work because right now I could really use some time to recover!

Yesterday, my daughter screamed  No matter what I did.  She refused to go down til 10pm and I was so exhausted I followed to bed shortly after.  I was feeling exasperated.  Today, I woke up hoping things would be better, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I’ve tried feeding, cuddling, playing, dealing with any underlying teething pain, wrapping her, but nothing will pacify this child today!!!!  Except, of course, sitting out in the blazing sunshine, which she then got fed up with and cried but screamed even more when I brought her in to bring her bouncy chair etc inside so the dogs wouldn’t destroy it.  This is made all the more embarrassing and frustrating as both sets of neighbours are outdoors and can hear her scream like I’m causing her some harm.  I was so stressed out, I ended up slipping on some water spilled by the dogs and twisting my knee and ankle.  So, I have placed her safely upstairs, still screaming at the top of her lungs, closed the door (and the windows to save the outside world from having to suffer the same fate as me), and come down here for a quick 5 minute breather as this tired mama is at meltdown point.  I hate listening to her crying alone, and I rarely leave her like this, but I felt for my sanity’s sake right now it was best to get some space between us for a few minutes so I could just breathe before going to try and find a solution.

My husband’s unhelpful solution was to have patience…………..clearly he couldn’t see that my patience tank is running on empty with being sick, exhausted and having already listened to her screaming for a whole day previously!  So, if there is any patience out there to be had, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease send it this way.  And if you can’t find any then please, please say a prayer for God’s grace right now.  We sure would appreciate it.

Do you ever get days like this?  How do you get through them?


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  1. I can relate! Though not in a family setting, but often in my workplace/job. Telling myself not to be stressed is stressful. What I do is I pray. I pray the same way as the request of the sisters of Lazarus.

    Lord, he whom you love is [having a hard time]. John 11:4

    Also, I talk to myself – reminding myself that God loves me and His grace is enough. Often, the situation won’t change. But the great thing is, my eyes is now on Him – not on my situation.

    Praying for you!

    • My day nor week didn’t get better, but I managed to cope better 😀 Thank you ever so much for the nomination, that’s so so kind of you. How do I return the favour and nominate and get the award to display? Also, do all my nominations have to be from wordpress or can i nominate other blogs? Sorry for so many questions, I’m a real newbie to the blogging world and I never even knew such awards existed!! x

      • Oh good! Coping skills help 🙂
        You’re so welcome! I had no idea they existed either! I think you can copy and paste the image of the award from my post onto yours (that’s what I did). And as far as nominating and returning the favor it is all very informal! I just mentioned the blogger who nominated me with a link to her site and said why I read it, what she writes, etc. i think the link back is standard. I nominated all sorts of blogs. Though I only personally commented on the smaller blogs (the ones who I thought would care) to let them know about my nomination. So you can do whatever you want. I’ve seen some people that didn’t even nominate other blogs. They just gracefully accepted the award and didn’t pass it on. So do it however suits your style! 🙂

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