Have You Been Inspired?


How many of you have been watching the Olympic Games?  What’s your favourite event to watch?  I’ve been loving the equestrian events as well as some beach volleyball, swimming, a bit of cycling and a bit of athletics oh and some weightlifting.  My husband’s been loving the athletics and cycling.  Has anyone been inspired to get active or more active than you already are?  Nearly 3 years ago, my father in-law got my husband’s mountain bike all fixed up for him for a Christmas present…………we moved here and the bike has never been out of the garage.  Until Saturday that is.  After watching the triathlon and other cycling events, my husband got the bike out and went for a bike ride.  He’s decided he’s going 3 times a week.  I have been inspired to get back into horse riding.  I love how not only is it great to watch these athletes and cheer for our nation, but how they also get people fired up to start treating their bodies to a bit more activity for improved health and well being.  Have you set any new fitness resolutions for yourself since watching the games?  What do you already do to keep fit?



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  1. I love the gymnastics, the swimming and the running events! It hasn’t really inspired me to do more right now, but it has given me more motivation to keep on doing what I’m doing. 🙂 it’s great! I wish we had tv so I could actually watch it! Lol.

    • Motivation is good. i can’t do anything til I get my SPD sorted out….worried of doing anything that could cause more damage before I get the all clear from the physio, but I wish I could get out there! 😀

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