A Gift From Above


That’s what good news is.  It breaks through the mundane, the worry, the despair, the frustration and gives us a lift and reminds us that God’s still in our corner and still seeking the best for us in our lives.  This past week has brought a few nuggets of good news my way.  I posted back in July about how it looked like I wouldn’t get to finish my Diploma in Reflexology (you can read about it here) and that I also stood to lose all the money I had invested.  I had no idea why God allowed things to work out as they did, but I had to trust that He knew best and that either I’d get to finish the diploma somehow or that He just didn’t want me to do it.  I decided the best course of action was to write a letter to the college expressing my disappointment and noting the ways in which I felt they had breeched their contract with me etc.  On Monday I got the news that I could either defer another year until September 2013 and start all over again and not pay a single penny extra.  It sounds like a great plan, because my daughter will be older and less dependant on me, but at the same time, who knows where we will be by 2013 location wise and I may have another cherub to care for which would complicate the whole situation further.  His second solution was that he contacted the old awarding body(the one I was studying under til he switched for this academic year)and they are happy to allow me to continue working on the syllabus I was on and at my own time to receive the diploma I should have received this June.  He has said that as I pick things up easily I don’t even need to attend any classes.  I can work from all the class material and podcasts at home and just come to the bits of the new course that interest me and for the practical bits if I want to brush up my skills.  This works brilliantly with my current situation.  I can work from home, in my own time.  It doesn’t impinge upon time with my baby girl, and if I do go to some of the sessions I won’t be gone from early morning til late at night.  Also, it’s up to me how slowly or quickly I complete the course.  I am so thrilled I can continue, and now I see that God wasn’t saying no…He was just fixing the situation that should have been to make it suit me even better.  Praise Him!  I am already thinking about which direction to take my CPD training in once I’m finished as I want to focus on certain areas such as fertility/maternity and babies/young children.  The excitement is making me get carried away.

Another bit of good news that came to me is that my best friend and her family will be moving to within 2 hours of where I live.  Since 2004 we have lived in separate countries and it’s been tough as neither of us has found another friend who hears our heart in quite the same way (besides our husbands obviously, but there are times when you just need a female to talk to!).  She and her husband were due to move to another area a few years back and came to look for housing and we met up with them thrilled at the prospect that they might be nearer, but then God said no at that time.  It looked like they may not get this time as my friend has been so ill since the birth of her daughter, baby number 2, but she started making dietry changes like I had to do and is improving, so they have just signed on a house over here and will be moving in a few weeks.  I am delighted to have a dear friend living so close by, as I have felt quite isolated at times.  Sure, I have friends and am friendly with people, but you cannot bare your sole to everyone; for that you need a special friend.  I’m also excited to see our daughters playing together as they are only a few weeks apart age wise, so it’ll be great fun to have play dates.

All in all, a great week for good news and the balm my heart needed to lift it and make it lighter.  Thank you, Lord for your goodness to us.


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    • Thank you! It’s great news, and i found out this week that I now have til August 2015 to complete my course! Amazing stuff as it takes the pressure off with a little one, but I hope I have it finished long before 2015 😀

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