Change is like the wind.

It can come gently, almost silently like the whisper of a breeze; creeping up on us.  We are barely aware.


It can come at us loudly like the roar of thunder and turn our lives upside down in an instant like a tornado.


Are we ever ready?


It causes us to examine how flexible we are.  Do we accept it?  Do we fight it?


However it comes, and whatever our response, it comes to us all in some form or another.


Changes around here have been subtle recently, creeping in gently, but with enough force to make my heart pay attention.  Shifts are taking place once again in my relationship with my daughter.  Slow, miniscule changes, but changes none the less.  She no longer needs my comfort for day time naps.  She quite happily falls asleep on the bed after a lunchtime feed and sleeps for 3 hours. The wrap lies redundant in the daytime right now.  There are positives to this change, of course, I have 3 hours in which I can speed round the house doing chores I didn’t get done when she was awake, I can have my lunch and relax over it, I can have a few moments to myself to be still, to quiet my heart, to read, to rest.  But these positives come tinged with hint of sadness, that my baby girl has taken yet another step on the road to becoming more independant, to becoming her own person outside of me.  Other changes are that she will happily play for at least 30 minutes sometimes longer out of my presence while I do chores elsewhere in the house which was unheard of in the past.  She had to know I was nearby or else she let the whole world know she felt very much alone.  And today she managed to crawl…backwards, but she crawled.  Little changes, little steps on her road to becoming independant from mummy and daddy, but sometimes it’s the little things, the quiet, subtle changes that resonate deeply in our hearts and give us cause for joy and wonder mixed a little hint of sadness as once again we come face to face with the reality that the time on this side of our babies flying the nest solo for the first time is really so short.  We must make the most of now.


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