Back To School


It’s that time of year when around the world children are returning to or have already returned to school.  Maybe you have seen this, maybe you haven’t, but a friend of mine on Facebook shared this:


People liked it, mothers agreed with it, I spoke out against it.  When did it become ok to treat our children as an inconvenience in our lives to be tolerated til the next time we could offload them onto somebody else so that we can get on with the more important things in our lives?  I saw this picture, and it broke my heart.  It broke my heart because so many parents are failing to see the real blessings children can be and how much they can add to their lives.  They are failing to see the big picture.  Their “me time” while the kids are at school and not “getting in the way” will mean nothing when the kids are gone and they are left with more “me time” than anyone would know what to do with.  Their chasing after success instead of chasing their child round in a park or letting their child chase them, will mean nothing beyond the grave when they leave all that stored up wealth behind along with children who feel insignificant and resentful.   It broke my heart for the children who pick up on the fact that they are a burden to their parents and something their parents would rather not have around.  Is this really the legacy we want to pass on to our children? Do we really want them to see themselves as a burden in our lives, do we want to be giving off the vibe that we can’t wait to get rid of them so we can get on with making more money or spending more time at the gym working out or whatever it is we do for “me time”.  No one said parenting was easy.  It’s a tough job.  Yes, our children frustrate us, and yes, at times we need just a little time out to collect ourselves before coming back to do it all over again.  But do we really want to leave this earth having left nothing but a legacy of selfishness and how burdensome children are behind, chasing what really doesn’t matter?  When we invest in our children instead of our fitness, our relaxation our bank account etc, it is the wisest investment we can make.  We need to start seeing our children as a great investment plan, and not buy into the fact they are a mere drain on all our resources and something to be offloaded at the first opportunity.


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  1. Adults who had felt unwanted in their earlier years often feel frightened to be themselves. They are frightened to be themselves because they are afraid of being rejected. It takes these adults a long time to feel happy and proud of themselves.

    Adults who felt wanted in their earlier years tend to feel happy and proud of themselves, because they believe that there always will be people put there that will love and cherish them too. They will chose friends and a partner that loves them for who they really are 🙂

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