Reality Check


Recently, I celebrated my birthday.  We had the wonderful opportunity to spend it watching some paralympic events in London.  After watching the paralympics, not just on the tv, but in reality and hearing the stories these athletes have to tell, you can’t help but feel slightly ashamed.  There they are, with many viable reasons why they could be sat at home feeling sorry for themselves, and no one would blame them for having a pity party if they wanted to really, but they are out there choosing life and joy.  They are overcoming major obstacles.  They have great determination, and they are not letting their circumstances get the better of them.  I sat there in awe watching them, and also feeling very ashamed at how often I complain about minor things, a headache maybe(as bad as migraines can be), not having x y z for my home, being tired,  the list is pretty endless about what I can find to complain about.  I felt ashamed at how often I choose to be a spectator in my life instead of being eager to use such a gift to full advantage.  I don’t feel I have the skills to achieve something, so I don’t even bother trying.  I’d rather stay in the same old patterns than attempt something new.  Yet, here are people who have more right to complain about life’s circumstances than I have, who have more right to choose to not attempt something new than I have and yet they’re out there, chasing dreams, defying the odds and enjoying very minute of it.  Oh to have even a 10th of their positive outlook on life.  I came away forever changed and with a desire to stop complaining about all that I see wrong in my circumstances and to start being thankful for all that is right and to stop wasting the one life I have been giving by not even challenging myself to try new things.  What kinds of things in your life remind you to stop complaining and start living?


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