Motherhood makes you do crazy things


Before becoming a mummy, I had zero interest in sewing.  And, apart from a few cross stitches about 7 years ago, I have not picked up a needle and thread or used a sewing machine in about 14 years since I was in high school and was forced to take home economics classes and sew a pin cushion, an apron, a wrap over skirt and and actual cushion cover.  Since having my daughter and using cloth nappies/diapers and washable wipes, I have found a whole host of WAHMs making lots of lovely items on their sewing machines for sale.  Lovely reuseable wipes, dribble bibs, nappies/diapers etc.  You name it, they probably make it!  Some of things I ws looking at made me think, even I could make them with some material and a sewing machine.  I’m no seamstress, but I might could manage a simple line of stiches!  So, I became inspired, and, in my mind, I redecorated pretty much our whole house!  I made cushions, drying cloths, napkins, those cool, non paper, ‘paper towel’ rolls, washable wipes for baby, blankets for her.  All sorts of lovely stuff……in my mind!  One major obstacle is the fact that I have no sewing machine to try and get these ideas from my head to being a tangible reality.  Well, seeing as Christmas is looming, I am starting to think ahead to that lovely time of year and stockings hanging up.  We have a whole host of stockings in various shapes and sizes…mainly mine from childhood as my aunts bought me a new one quite often!  Stockings were the best bit of opening presents for me.  I started to think that I’d quite like my daughter to have a unique stocking, not just something I picked up from a store.  So, once again it comes into my head the idea that I could sew her one :O  I started on a hunt for festive material and have found the most gorgeous ones for her.  My husband has asked his Grandma if we can borrow her sewing machine, so that’s no longer an obstacle if she can get it working, and I have watched you tube videos on sewing a stocking, and it looks pretty simple(til I actually embark on trying to cut out the pattern and sew various bits together).  So far so good!!  I am excited to give this new thing a try, and I just hope I don’t ruin some very pretty material in the process, but I find it amusing to see how much I have changed as a person since having my daughter.  For one, it has made me want to be more creative, and I would never have classed myself as a creative!  Even a year ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of sewing anything, and I would have laughed so hard if someone had told me that this year I’d be on the hunt for material and haberdashery to make a stocking.   I still find it very amusing that I am embarking on this little sewing adventure.  Who knows where it will lead?!  Maybe I’ll get hooked and actually make new cushion covers and my long list of other ideas afterall!  How has becoming a parent changed you as a person?


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