Oat So Fun


How do you entertain a baby and stimulate their brain?!  These are questions I ask myself quite often.  As a former teacher, I can’t help but want to make sure that I engage my daughter often in activities that are going to stimulate her brain as well as be fun.  I hate just sitting her in front of the same plastic baby toys, and, in fact, baby toys don’t keep her entertained for much longer than 10 minutes if we’re fortunate, more like 30 seconds on a normal day.  She loves to play with whisks and wooden spoons.  She loves bashing on pots etc.  I can think of lots of sensory activities for older children, but have struggled to think of safe activities for babies.  So I have been on a mission to find activities that she can enjoy that are creative, messy, stimulating and offer her an opportunity to learn and explore the world around her.  While she was having a bit of a nap at lunch time, I grabbed 3 little plastic bowls and filled each one with either pasta, rice or oats, I stuck a few plastic spoons in the bowls as well to give her something to bash and stir the contents with.  This simple activity made up with store cupboard essentials I had on hand proved to be a great hit!  It kept my little one entertained for 45 minutes which has to be some kind of record I think!  She loved tipping out the bowls onto the floor and swooshing her feet through the mess.  She enjoyed bashing the spoons through it all, clanging the bowls together, picking up handsful and watching as it all fell through her hands again, and best of all she loved the sound of the pasta as it hit the hard floor after she threw it.


Oooh what’s this?






Yey, mess!!



tactile fun



When we were finished playing, we brought in the cleaners


What activities do you like doing with your baby?

*Please note: do not leave your baby unattended while playing if you decide to do the same activity at home.*




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