Happy New Year!


I trust everyone has had a wonderful time with their families over Christmas and New Year.  It’s hard to believe that it’s already the 2nd day of a new year!  We had a wonderful Christmas here.  Christmas day we spent just the 3 of us as we wanted a nice relaxed day without time constraints of having to be somewhere or of having the dinner ready for a certain time.  It was a really special and enjoyable day.  Outside of that we did some visiting and a lot of entertaining.  Now, for me that is a big deal.  I love, love, love the image of hosting people and in my imagination I am a wonderful person with a open home who thrives on cooking for others and feeding them up while offering wonderful hospitality…………..in reality the mere thought of people coming over fills me with dread and panic.  I worry that the house isn’t clean enough, I worry that the food doesn’t taste good, so what tends to happen is we don’t have many guests as it’s just such a huge battle for me emotionally.  I don’t know if I have maybe gone a little crazy since having the little one or if it’s the great health that I have been experiencing since being on my anti candida diet plus all my herbal pills to help my system, but in the space of 5 days, 3 out of those 5 days were taken up with entertaining guests and cooking for them.  And the craziest event of all for me was New Year’s Eve.  From somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain came the great idea to invite family from both sides and friends to our house in the afternoon for a buffet!  Now this is out of character for me on two levels; one: it requires cooking in big quantities for people outside of this house and two: it involves the coming together of two sets of families plus friends who don’t know each other.  That is something that normally would keep me awakre at night for weeks on end worrying about whether they’d all get on, would it be awkward, what if there wasn’t enough food etc etc.  Somehow the plan was put in motion and I didn’t back out!  In fact, the night before saw me baking cakes, apple pies, mince pies, and on the day there was a flurry of activity making bacon and leek tartlets, making sandwiches, getting veg platters out and all sorts.  And for once, I felt organised and calm, and the whole thing passed by without incident and everyone got on great and I am still breathing!  It was a delight to have people over and I am so thrilled I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone.  It has boosted my confidence and made me think that yeah, maybe that person in my imagination can actually be the person in reality!

So, going into 2013 that is one of my personal goals: to stress less over my house and my cooking and just enjoy the company of people in my house.

Another of my personal goals is to at least get the theory part of my reflexology diploma completed.  I would love to say I will have the whole thing completed by December, but to allow room for life’s craziness with a little person and to avoid disappointment, I am saying just the theory.

One more thing I am hoping to start changing this year is my negative, complaining attitude.  I want to develop an attitude of gratitude…..it’ll no doubt take a while to break the cycle, but I have made a start.  I began reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp (I’m only a few chapters in, but it’s amazing!), and so have started my own gift list to write down and remind myself of all the blessings and wonderful things that I already have in my life.

Some of our other goals are:

-Reducing our debt.  This goal is one we should have started well before now, but you live and learn and as they say it’s better late than never. We aim to be debt free in about 2-3 years.

-Finishing off various projects in the house.  We are great at starting DIY projects, or even getting people in to do the work, but we are not so good at doing the final finishing touches.

-Continuing to improve on our healthier lifestyle.  We have come a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way (the days of multiple chocolate bars for me are a distant memory), and with the birth of our daughter and finding out what has been causing me to be so ill for so many years, we have made a lot of drastic changes, but there is always room for improvement in this area.  My husband asked for gym membership for Christmas, so it is now my job to hound him to go there and use it!!  Also, both the dogs are looking a bit podgy, as I have been avoiding walks due to the weather.  The reason being that wrap tails get very soggy and dirty on wet, muddy ground, and I cannot stand that, so we are awaiting the arrival of our Boba 3g carrier for rainy day walks, and we will be kitting out Miss E with a puddle suit to keep her nice and dry as well, and then we can walk rain or shine, and will hopefully all notice the benefits.


What kind of goals have you set yourself for 2013?


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