When your year doesn’t start off as you envisaged


So far there have been no gym trips, walks, studies etc. Our 2013 has started off with a bit of sickness. My husband had the norovirus just before Christmas, and having managed to dodge various rounds of it, I finally came down with it on Monday…..typically the day my husband started back to work….and then our daughter.  So our 2013 has looked a bit more like a lot of sleeping, being sick, coughs, colds and lots of my mum’s homemade vegetable soup…..you just can’t beat a warm bowl of homemade soup when you’re feeling unwell.  It’s a good thing the year is 12 months long and there’s still time to reach those goals 🙂 The cleaning and the sorting can wait, for now me and my baby need to rest and share lots of cuddles. How has your 2013 started off?


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