The Appearance of Wonder Woman


Well, I’m not entirely sure when it was that Wonder Woman came and took possession of my body.  My plan for today was simply to rest; sleep when baby sleeps and do little else in between.  5:15am I was up and by 9:30am I had washed, dressed, put breakfast on to cook, got the dogs up and fed, prepped and cooked our stew for this evening(we have to go out soon after my husband gets home, so it’s easiest to cook supper and then warm it up on nights like this), put diapers on to wash, sorted all the dry laundry for ironing into bags, folded and put away all the laundry not needing ironed, got my daughter up fed, bathed and dressed, cleaned the bathroom, dusted the whole house, washed up all non dishwasher dishes twice, put everything else in the dishwasher, and cleaned down the kitchen surfaces.  Then I got my daughter settled for her morning sleep, and I am now sat here with a nice mug of tea, phew!  Normally it would take me a huge chunk of the day to get through everything like that, so I guess I will be twiddling my thumbs a lot this afternoon!  I do hope to get the dogs out for their walk as well.  I’m not sure how long Wonder Woman intends on hanging around, so I’m going to make good use of her strength and speed while I can 😀   


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