This is great, and made me laugh as well. My husband is the panicky, be careful, you might hurt yourself kind of parent, and I am the stand back and let them be type parent. He freaks out a lot when he’s at home at the things I allow her to do when he’s at work. Often this leads to little arguments as I defend bravely my daughter’s right to carry on doing whatever she is doing. So, of course I made him read this, coz sometimes when it comes from someone else it hits home a bit better 😉 I think I might pass it on to thegrandparents next as they would have the cotton wool out to wrap her in in an instant if they could 😀 Which type of parent would you say you are? Are you quick to worry or are you more laid-back?

Abundant Life Children

The crew and I arrived at our local park last week to find that we were the second child care group visiting that day.  I’ll admit a slight bit of relief, as I usually spend a great deal of our first moments at the park explaining (to every other adult at the park) why there are so many of them and only one of me and no one appears to be a twin.  Is it even possible?  Well, as the second child care provider on the perimeter, I felt in good company.

Then I noticed the comments from the other provider and realized what different pages we were on, regardless of our shared profession.

No climbing up the slide.  Stop putting wood chips on the equipment – they will make everything dirty.  Be careful climbing up on those bars, you’re making me nervous.  You will fall and get hurt.  Watch…

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