Snowy Reminders



Yesterday, we had snow.  It gave snow for 10am.  On a Monday Miss E and I go to her baby signing classes which are a 30-40 minute drive away traffic dependant.  I decided if it was snowing like it forecast when we were due to leave at 10:30, we wouldn’t go, but it didn’t snow, so we set off.  Halfway there the snow came down thick and fast so much I could barely see to drive.  We got to the class and decided to stay as the roads were still clear.  I left straight after the class instead of staying for the play and chat afterwards, and I’m glad we did because in the 30 minutes we were inside the roads were covered and icy and the snow was coming down even thicker than before.  We had a few skids and scary moments on our drive home which took over an hour, but despite being a little anxious, I couldn’t help but marvel at those falling snowflakes.  I just kept thinking about how each snowflake is individual and unique-a thing of beauty.  And if my Lord has found it important enough to take the time to uniquely craft each and every snowflake, how much more important to him are the details of my life?  Yes, He is the God of the big stuff, but He’s just as much a God of the very small stuff too and He cares about all those little details in my life, and in yours that upset us, that trouble us, that bring us joy, and He has crafted in all those details of our personality, talents, interest that set us apart from every other human being in this earth.

Thank you, Lord, for making me unique.  There is no one else like me, and no one else can fulfil my purpose on earth, but me.  Thank you, also, for reminding me that you care about all the small stuff in my life and are not just there for the big events.


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