War On Germs


Seeing as we all fell victim of the norovirus and flu, I vowed while I was very sick that I would being disinfecting pretty much everything that our hands touched or Miss E snotted over.  Today, I finally felt up to it.  As we are trying to eliminate nasties from our house as much as possible, a bleach solution was not an option.  I got out my trusty friend, tea tree oil.  I put a good few drops into my basin and filled with warm water (probably too much as my eyes stang a little from the vapour!).  And then I got to work……all door handles, light switches, tables got a wipe down and all Miss E’s toys including all her ball pit balls got washed.  Some may say I went slightly overboard, and when my husbands arrives home very shortly, and the smell of tea tree oil assaults his nostrils he will probably say the same, but why take the risk of those germs infecting us again? 🙂  Do you have any natural products you use to disinfect your house after a bout of sickness?


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