The Humble Wooden Blocks


Who knew such a basic toy could have so many possibilities?  A child can stack them up into a tower, build castles, houses or whatever else their mind can dream up.  The blocks can be used to make noise as well (a big hit with Miss E), and another one of our favourite things to do with wooden blocks these days is using them for shape recognition.  Miss E is MAJORLY into all things shape and number related (doesn’t bode well for the future as I am a words person not a umber and geometry person), so we line up 4 shapes and I tell her the names, cylinder, cube etc, and then when I ask her a question such as, “where is the cube?” she will point it out in the line up.  I do believe that every child should have at least one set of wooden blocks in their toy collection.  Such a simple yet worthwhile addition for imaginative and educational purposes.  Wooden blocks rock!! 🙂


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    • Thank you, although I cannot take any credit. This is just her natural giftings. I merely provided the opportunities 🙂 I provide other opportunities which provoke no response at all, especially in the are of gross motor skills lol. Children younger than Miss E are crawling and walking all over the house and she is still content to sit still and only shuffle a few paces or pull herself up if there is something she is reaaaaaaaally interested in getting. She seems to be a communicator rather than a mover and doer 🙂

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