An Awful Tragedy


This week, a family lost their 9 month old daughter.  She had just learned to crawl and sadly in her sleep she got herself turned and crawled so her head was under her blankets and she suffocated.  I am crying just writing this.  Please go here and read the beautiful letter this mother wrote to her daughter and leave some kind words, and pray for this family; hold them close to your heart.  I keep trying to put myself in this family’s shoes.  Our stories are very similar and parenting style are also so similar and I keep thinking how devastating it would be for me to walk up to our bedroom and not hear that gentle baby breathing rhythm.  I cannot begin to imagine the anguish and heartbreak for a mother to come across such a scene and the strength and courage involved to face the coming days without the joy and delight of the child that is so dear to us.  I cannot begin to fathom the grief involved with burying your child.  For those of us who still have our children, we need to thank God for EVERY moment we get to be with them.  We are not guaranteed anything more than the moment we are living, so let’s make them count.  Let’s show our children how much we love them.  Let’s not tire of being with them, nurturing them, and caring for them.  They are a gift bestowed upon us for a specific amount of time.  None of us knows how long that time will be, so cherish every second, give your all, be gentle, savour every moment, and give thanks, and please, please keep this dear family in your thoughts and prayers.


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