Tiny Talk


Yesterday, I mentioned that Miss E and I attend Tiny Talk during the week.  So what is it?  Well, as the image above says it’s baby signing.  It was important for me to take Miss e to something like this because I believe children can understand from a very early age yet they haven’t mastered the skills in order to communicate back verbally.  But, before their verbal skills develop their gross motor skills do, so from about 6-9 months of age babies are able to communicate with signs.

I wanted to parent my daughter with the least amount of stress possible and I remember how frustrating those first few months were when I was so ill and she seemed to cry all the time and couldn’t tell me what exactly was wrong with her.  Now, she is able to communicate with her signs.  She tells me when she wants milk, wants food, a drink, needs to go to sleep etc and she knows to use her manners and sign please.  She gets very excited and signs when she sees birds, ducks, dogs etc.  She can “talk” to me about the weather outside as well.  It has really opened up a whole new world for us together and deepened our relationship and my understanding of her. It’s an absolutely fantastic way of conversing with your child until they start speaking.

The Tiny Talk classes use British Sign Language designed for babies.  They are fun, energetic classes.  As well as learning the signs, I’ve also learned new nursery rhymes and songs and had my memory refreshed on ones I was a bit rusty on.  There are stories every 3rd week in a recap session.  The sessions contain puppets and other realia for signs.  There’s a half hour signing session and then a play session afterwards with drinks and time for the parents to chat.  I really look forward to our Monday mornings at Tiny Talk, and would encourage any parent with a baby or toddler to look into finding baby signing classes near you.  it’s never too early to start (I have seen two week old babies attend!) and it’s never to late to start!


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