The Creation Station Is Coming Together




Last night I made the playdough for the party and my husband helped me colour it all.  I used this recipe from The Imagination Tree.  I have used it before and I love it because it’s so easy, and there’s no cooking involved…brilliant!  I made a double batch and we then divided it into 6.  Unlike in the original recipe, I did not add the colouring when I added the water.  I did everything but the colouring and kneaded the dough before dividing it and then we coloured each ball individually.  All but the purple batch was coloured using Morrisons natural food dye, the other was Dr Oetkers gel dye and we actually needed more of that (by more I mean the whole tube) to get anywhere near a colour we wanted.  The little plastic tubs came from Asda.  They are only smartprice ones but are great.  We already had 3 as I used them to put paint in for the potatoe prints and yesterday we got 3 more.  We got some colouring pencils and crayons; the pipe cleaners, pom poms etc came from a crafty joke present my husband got me a few years back for Christmas…..glad I held onto them 🙂  So now we just need some more playdough tools and some paper and we’re all set for the bigger kiddes on Saturday 🙂


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