How We Celebrated Your First Birthday


On Saturday we had your Very Hungry Caterpillar Party.  Your Tiny Talk teacher did a session at the party filled with your favourite songs and actions and she read the story complete with signs.  There was then a time for playing with your friends while the food got ready.  We sang happy birthday to you and blew out the candle on your cake.  You helped yourself to icing from the cupcake on the top 🙂  You enjoyed stealing food from your guests.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.






On Sunday you opened the presents from all your little friends and we took the dogs on a long walk.


sunday walk 4

On your birthday you opened your presents from us and the rest of your family.  We went to your Tiny Talk class.  You enjoyed having Daddy there.  It was his first time being able to come to one of our classes.  On our way home we went to White Post Farm.  We got some cheap annual passes when they had a deal on and you love visiting the animals.  Maybe one day you will be able to have the small holding Mummy always dreamed of or be the vet Mummy always wanted to be 🙂






On all three days you went to bed a very tired but very happy little girl.  Thank you for letting us share the excitement of your celebrations with you.


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