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Small World Play



Miss E loves her Schleich animals, unfortunately her lovely pig had an incident with one of our dogs and lost a trotter and her ears, so we used the donkey instead.  I had read somewhere about using tea from tea bags for sensory play.  Once the hot water hits the tea bag it sterlises the tea, of course if you add milk before removing the teabag then it doesn’t work.  So we kept a tub by the kettle (I drink a lot of tea) collected the tea bags and emptied their contents out to dry.  I’ve had them in a pot and decided to set up a little small world farm scene for Miss E. I put some of the tea in there for the field, two of her tree blocks (she’d already removed one at this stage) a pine cone and of course the donkey seeing as our pig is out of action!  She loved running the tea through her hands and taking the loose parts out of the tub and back in again.  It was lovely to watch.  Do your children enjoy small world play?


Happy Easter


I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter; that time of year when we celebrate Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. May you have a wonderful time with your families.

“He is not here; for He has risen just has he said he would.”


More Great Reasons To Shop With Abel & Cole


Apart from all that I mentioned before, the lovely health benefits of eating organic and the amazing quality of what comes in your box, I have found a few more reasons to love Abel & Cole.  Firstly, the amount of fruit and veg you get is amazing.  We get the boxes that are meant for 2-3 people ad we have yet to finish all the veg in a week.  in fact, this week, I am looking in my fridge and at my veg rack thinking where on earth am I going to put all this yummy goodness??  My parents will be coming down this way at the weekend so I migth share a few bananas, tomatoes and oranges with them as there’s no point in hoarding it all and it going to waste.  And my other reason for loving them so much?!  Free stuff….



We all love getting something for nothing, don’t we?!  Since joining up, bearing in mind this is only our third week, we have had the most AMAZING(like you could drink it from the bottle amazing)organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for joining, 1 litre of organic semi skimmed milk to try, 1 recipe book worth £12.99,and  a little box of organic eggs to try; all free.  Plus, this week they were running a promotions so our veg box and fruit box were also free saving us like £26!!  Simply fabulous!  On top of all that, I have had amazing customer service when I had to contact them and they were so kind and patient with all my newbie questions.  By the way, I am in no way being financed for writing this post because the lovely people at A & C don’t even know I’m writing it, but I just think they are brilliant and the quality of all the products we have purchased so far is spectacular.  Again, if you are in the UK, why not give them a try?  You won’t be disappointed with either the quality of the food or the quality of service.  Let them know that account: 565098 recommended them to you.  Go on, what are you waiting for?!


When a child’s life is full of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, textures, people and places, he will learn.  When he feels safe and loved, he’ll learn.  When parents begin to recover from their own ideas of what learning should look like (what they remember from school) they will begin a new life of natural learning,too.

~Sandra Dodd~

Thoughtful Thursdays

Where Is My Dependence?


So, in a few days my husband starts a new job.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for him to develop the skills he wants to develop and as well as that it comes with a better salary.  This salary will be very useful for us in paying off the debts we have incurred.  There is also an option to get a company car or take monthly car payments instead of the car.  My husband opted for the car payments as this gives us even more free income to put towards debt clearance.  Great!  Life is lookin pretty rosy and we’re settling down for a comfortable ride, when a little lesson comes along…

Over a year ago one of our cars broke down pretty badly when the whole clutch had to be replaced.  It cost £700 to put it right. All has been fine with it since, but my husband now drives that car as I have no confidence in it seeing as the whole clutch problem started when I used to drive it while pregnant….quite scary to say the least!  Last night Mr P said he was stuck in some traffic so would be later than usual. I got another call when I was expecting him to be home and thought oh he must’ve hit some more traffic. Traffic would have been fine really, but,no, the car had broken down again with a clutch problem and he was sat in the car only a mile from home.  So near yet so far!  He had to call the breakdown service we are with and then wait for them to come.  While waiting he had a look at the car and in doing so ripped his suit.  So now, we have a car bill and a new suit to pay for.  It’s frustrating and I found myself thinking last night, “God, this isn’t fair, why would you allow this to happen?”  Just as quickly the answer came..”to remind you that  you need to depend on Me, not a new job, or more money.”  See, the job is a gift from God, the extra money is also a gift.  They are not permanent; they are not guaranteed forever; we cannot put our trust in them for we do not know how long we shall have them.  We cannot make grand plans for the money and assume they will happen, because life happens and things come up.  It’s not a nice lesson to learn, but it is necessary; we had drifted into that zone of relying on ourselves again as life was running smoothly and forgetting to count our blessings and be thankful for the great gifts we have been blessed with.

Potting Sunflowers


For her birthday, one of Miss E’s little friends got her a Suttons grow your own sunflowers set (Not entirely sure that was the correct name!).  We planted the sunflower seeds in the pot and followed the instructions.  Eleven grew, and, as happens with sunflowers, very quickly needed new homes.  My husband and I aren’t very good at following through with tasks like repotting plants and often things die. And, for a while, it looked like these sunflwoers might be facing the same fate.  I was determined they wouldn’t and finally we remembered to get compost and pots.



I could have done the task while Miss E was having a nap, and it would have been quicker and cleaner, but they are her sunflowers, and I wanted her to have the experience and start learning about plants and caring for them.

checking out the flower pots

checking out the flower pots


Miss E took this taskvery seriously indeed.  She is currently developing her skills of transferring objects from one container to another, and so this gave her the opportunity to transfer to her heart’s content.  She was very serious and engrossed throughout apart from when we were patting the compost down around the sunflowers after placing them in their homes.  Then sh ewould break out into giggles and pat down the soil with a “bat, bat, bat!”




DSC04051Miss E did need a change of clothes at the end of us as the compost clung to her and my kitchen floor needed sweeping, but the sunflowers got repotted, and we had a lovely time together.





Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.

~Margaret Shepard~

Thoughtful Thursdays