How You Have Grown


Hello Dearest One,

Today it has been one whole week since you went into your own room.  Until then you have slept with your cot right up to our bed with the panel off to make it an extension of our bed.  You let us know you were ready for your own space, so last Sunday we moved your bed into the bedroom that has been waiting for you since before you were born.  Instead of a cot you are in a big girl bed.  You have a cotbed, so we took all the sides off and put the mattress on the lowest bed setting.  Why?  Well, firstly, we want you to be free-free to make you own choice about being in your bed or not.  We do not want to trap you in a prison where you must stay until we come and get your, scream for our attention or find some other way of getting out, which you are very capable of!  This way, should you wake up and want to be out of bed you can slide out quite easily and play with something, and you can crawl back in if you wish as well.  Secondly, for safety, we cannot be with you 24/7, and you like to climb, you have already climbed out of your cot when it was a bed extension, and that once you were ok, but next time you may not be.  Next time, you may sustain injury to your head or neck from the fall.  So, this way you are at a safe height to the floor with no dangerous falls to be had when unsupervised.

I wondered how you would take to your new surroundings even though you made it clear you were ready.  I should have known you would be fine!  You love it.  You love your little bed, you love your room, you love being able to use the headboard to stand up and dance on your bed and flop back down again.  You have used your spatial awareness to figure out where the mattress ends and the floor begins and you no longer get so close to the edge that part of you is dangling off.  Since moving into your new room it would seem you also think you are too grown up for daytime naps!  You have shunned these for a whole week in favour of a super early bedtime!  You used to go to bed between 5:30-6:30pm; now you ask to go to bed between 4-4:30pm!  This leaves me wandering around the house feeling a little lost til Daddy returns from work.

I am excited to support you in this latest step towards your full independence, but I miss you.  I miss coming to bed and seeing your little self curled up beside my side of the bed.  I miss hearing your sleepy breathing as I get ready for bed.  I miss waking up to your cute smile as you lift your head off the mattress.  It’s joy and sadness rolled into one.  Don’t grow up too fast baby girl.  Slow down a little and let me catch my breath and savour the moments before you take off again on your next adventure.

With All My Heart,

                                                                                                                         Mummy xxxx


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  1. I always think that being a mum is such a balancing act from day one. I want to hold mine so very, very tight and protect them from everything the world can throw at them, but at the same time I know that that’s not really going to help them. So I’ve had to learn to let them go (reluctantly) a little at a time and every step has been a wrench and a joy all rolled into one. Good luck x

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