Be In The Picture


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day here in the UK, so this is a little note to all mothers out there wherever you may be.  I recently had my attention drawn to this article by Allison Tate.  It’s a must read!  If you’re anything like me, you shy away from being in photos…..the hair’s not quite right, no make-up, don’t like the outfit etc etc.  My list of excuses is endless.  I would rather be the taker of photos than the subject of the photos!  I mean just this week my daughter and I were visiting a friend and we went to a park.  She was laughing and having a great time on the swing, and my friend wanted a picture.  So she said get in closer.  My respone, “oh, no!  You don’t want me in the photo too!!  I’ll ruin it.”  And I stepped aside.  Since reading this article I’ve had to think about a)if I were no longer here tomorrow what would my daughter have of me to look back on in future?  As she’s only one she wouldn’t remember much, so photographs would be the only thing for her.  But if there aren’t many photos of the two of us, what then?  And b)what beliefs am I portraying to my daughter by not wanting to me in a photo because I don’t think I look good enough?  It certainly doesn’t fall in line with wanting her to grow up accepting who is she for what she is.  Big reality check!  So, when tomorrow comes, I want a picture of me and my girl no matter what state I’m in.  I am going to be in as many pictures as possible from now on, and I encourage you to do the same for your children.  Give them some great memories to look back on in years to come and let them see you involved in their lives.


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