Mother’s Day


How’s your day going?  Father, mother, whoever you may be?  Like I mentioned, yesterday, today in the UK is Mother’s Day.  I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing day.  Last year, I was bed ridden most of the day, and Miss E screamed the whole day (she liked to do a lot of screaming at that point in her little life), but she was quiet for long enough for us to all get out in the evening last-minute for dinner.  I don’t know how your day is going, whether or not you are celebrating Mother’s Day, but here’s how mine has gone.

8:30am: wake up, feed daughter, have some laughs and cuddles in bed.  So far so good with this nice, relaxing day stuff!  Husband takes daughter downstairs to play and get the breakfast ready while I call my mum to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

9:30am: finally come downstairs and play a bit with Miss E who has her porridge (my can than child eat porridge!) and then we all have some yummy pancakes made by the lovely husband.  We chill over some hot drinks-obviously not Miss E who will not drink anything but water(we have tried with watered down 100% fruit juice as a special treat on days like today and she tastes it, spits it out and shakes her head no).  I am doing some cat sitting this weather, as, before Miss E came along I had a pet sitting business.  I say, had, I still do, although only for past clients and now only cats and small pets.  So we thought it was time to go see to this cat.  My husband’s had to tend to him the past few days as I have been so poorly with the goings on, and I wanted to go today but wasn’t up to driving.

As it was getting on a bit in the morning, we decided to just grab some clothes and go and we’d shower once we were back.  He doesn’t live far away and he tends to go out in the day, so we hadn’t been planning on being out long.  It had snowed overnight, but Miss E’s coat was in the wash due to her being sick on it.  Foolishly we thought for the short distance we were going, all would be fine.  Off we set, unwashed in random clothes, Miss E coatless.  So far so good.

We get to a hill where there is a gear change needed due to traffic slowing down and the car starts juddering and doesn’t seem to want to go into gear.  We had a problem with our other car while I was pregnant with Miss E where the clutch went entirely in a similar situation, so we thought oh great………….but the cause was a lack of petrol!!  The car shuddered to a halt.  Now what?  Miss E had no coat, my husband had no phone as it was at home charging.  The nearest petrol station was a good walk away, which would have meant my husband leaving us by the car or us walking quite a way to somewhere to stand in a store waiting…one of us without a phone.

We got out of the car and I wrapped Miss E up in my coat, and there we stood.  My husband tried calling the breakdown service, but my phone is so terrible that it kept cutting off on him while he was waiting in the queue of calls.  So there we were, stood out in the cold with the snowflakes gently falling, wondering what we were going to do.  Cars passed us by, but no one came.  My husband decided Miss E and I needed to get back into the car as it was so cold and neither of us were really dressed for it, and he got in again too to try to call the breakdown service again.  A man then passed by who looked in and while my husband was trying to get out to talk to him to see if he could maybe use his phone, he walked off!  My heart sank a little, but just as he walked off a man came up to my window.  I opened it and he said to my husband, are you ok, where do you live?  So my husband said we live in X which is the next town over, and he said, “Would you like me to take your wife and daughter home for you?  I have my son in the car.  This is no weather to be stood outside!  We saw you stood out on the side of the road, but I wasn’t able to stop, so we had to go round again(basically in a loop to get back to where we were stuck).”  My husband told him he thought it was just a case of the car having run out of juice, so he told us all to get into his car, lock our car up and he drove us to the nearest petrol station-Miss E without a car seat, so, thankfully, the police weren’t around.  My husband filled a can up, and he drove us back.  He had me and Miss E wait in his nice warm car til he was sure the can of petrol would do the trick to get us moving again.  Praise the Lord it did!  And praise the Lord for kind Samaritans who stop and help!  Turns out this man was a long haul truck driver and he often sees breakdowns and stops to help as “there’s nothing worse than being stood by the side of the road.”

Finally we got to the cat, sorted him out, got home, showered and my husband cooked a lovely dinner for us all.  I am feeling rather ill from being gassed out on petrol fumes, but so thankful for kindness in humanity that got us sorted out so we could fill up the tank a some more and get home and have a laugh about this rather eventful Mother’s Day! 🙂


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