The Big Food Switch


As part of my plan for battling Candida Albecans, I was supposed to only eat organic meat and vegetables.  This is because non-organic meat is full of various antibiotics and other manufactured goods fed to the animals which then get into the body as we eat the meat and these things aggravate my condition.  We have put off this switch due to fear of the price of meat and veg when going organic.  Due to trying to rid ourselves of the millstone of debt around our necks our food and toiletry budget for the month is pretty tight.  So we have avoided this subject, wishing for the day when we could do this.  My dearest friend and her family have always eaten organic since she and her husband got married.  They get weekly veg and fruit box deliveries etc.  This is a fact that I have always known, and always wished we could do.  My sweet friend has had so much influence in my life for good far beyond what she could ever think or imagine.  Because of her, when we discovered we were to become parents we knew we would cloth diaper and that breast feeding was a definite.  My friend and her family recently moved to England.  It is wonderful to have them nearer by, and be able to keep in touch better.  So, during a recent phone chat the topic of organic food came up, and after great discussion my husband decided it was worth a try at least for one week to see if we could cope and what difference it would make.  So, on  Thursday, our first delivery from Abel and Cole arrived.  My friend uses this for meat and a more local scheme for fruit and veg which we will probably do as well, but for the first time we got everything in one place.





The thing that put me off doing these veg boxes before was the fact that I had no control over what came in the box.  I mean what would I do with half the stuff?  What if I didn’t get enough of things I DID want?  On my friend’s advice we gave this a go, and sure enough, a box of veg arrived with a celeriac and the salad box contained a kohlrabi.  There were also not enough, in my mind at least, potatoes.  Our meal planner for the month contained a meat and potatoe pie(on Thursday) and then a roast dinner later in the week.  What to do?  Well, after a bit of googling(wherever would we be without it?)we discovered that celeriac can be used like a potato.  You can boil it, mash it, roast it etc.  So, I figured there was nothing to lose in trying it this once.  And do you know what?  We loved our meat pie with celeriac in place of potato!  Today we tried the kohlrabi which we liked raw while chopping it up and also steamed with our roast dinner.  And after all that, we still have 4 potatoes left over!  We have also discovered that with the meat we are fuller quicker and for longer than with non-organic supermarket meat, and because it doesn’t shrivel away to nothing, the same weight does twice and in some case 3 times as much as the same weight from the supermarket.  I was expecting to have to buy certain things again this week, but due to the fact the meat is so good and hasn’t disappeared into thin air, I won’t need to buy so much this week.  Our portion sizes have reduced which can only be a good thing as we ate a LOT, and Miss E who was giving every impression of being a vegetarian as she refused all meat since the first month or so of her self weaning, has decided that organic meat is worth eating!

So, to sum up, we are pleased we made the switch to organic and to veg boxes because:

-it’s nutrionally better for us

-it widens our horizons

-it forces us to get creative with what’s in the box

-our tastebuds get a work out and a livening up

-it’s good for Miss E to try out vegetables we wouldn’t normally buy just picking from the supermarket

-the meat isn’t pumped full of water to make up the weight content

-the meat is free of all antibiotics and additives which are so bad for us

-the meat doesn’t shrivel away into nothingness therefore a smaller portion of everything keeps us fuller for longer and also means we can make more meals with less!

-it is only marginally more expensive and the benefits far outweigh the very small price rise for a weekly shop


If you would like to give organic a try, live in the UK, and would like to use Abel and Cole for anything(they are a really lovely bunch by the way even the delivery man stops for a chat!) please tell them that account number 565098 recommended you when you sign up.


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