When All Else Fails, Get Out In The Fresh Air


We’ve had a difficult weekend here to say the least.  Quite dramatic happenings that have left everyone quite stressed and frazzled especially Miss E.  She is having a hard time unwinding from the events.  Yesterday she was clingy and screechy, and oh so sleepy wanting a nap in the day which doesn’t happen these days.  Again, today, she was very weepy and clingy in the morning and after a few hours up needed a nap.  I am struggling these days with low energy levels still and finding it hard going getting through the days.  As exhausted as I was this morning, I felt that both Miss E and I could do with some time in the fresh air.  The weather hasn’t been great recently, but today was dry and the sun was shining.  We set off to the park up the road.  It was quite chilly, but it was so nice to let the fresh cold air blow the stress and mess away from our minds.  Nothing changed, but we came home more relaxed and a lot happier than we had been before we left.  It’s amazing what even 30 minutes of fresh air can do for your overall wellbeing.



If things are a bit stressful in your life right now, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, try a little walk in the fresh air, or even just going outside and being still.  Inhale and allow the air to cleanse your mind and soul of the frustrations.  Allow the sounds of nature to soak in and soothe you.


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