Sometimes, Mama Knows Best


Hello Dear One,

You should know by now that I am not the kind of parent who forces you against your will.  I don’t set your bedtime…I allow you to set your own and with few exceptionssuch as teething and Wonder Weeks you have done a darn good job!  I don’t force you to go to other people be they family or otherwise who would like to have a cuddle with you.  I respect your wishes to remain with me if you want to and go to others when you want to and I respect your desire not to have people touching you when you don’t want or need that physical stimulus.  Others may be offended and often are, especially family, but your trust in me to believe in you and protect you and respect you means more to me than appeasing people.  I don’t take that forgranted.

There are a few occasions, however, when I need you to trust me in return to know what’s good for you.  You see, last night you were awake from 10pm right throughcrying and screaming and playing and at 10am you were still awake.  Awake, but oh so tired and grouchy.  You had hardly any energy to crawl around anymore and that frustrated you greatly.  I put you to bed for a nap despite your great protests because I knew it was the kindest thing I could do for you in the situation.  You were not happy with me for doing what I did but you did fall asleep, and I know your body needs to rest.  I know you will wake up happier and brighter and will be able to make it to bedtime like normal for having had a little sleep.

I am sorry you got cross with me.  I am sorry that I put you to bed when you didn’t want to, but on this occasion, Mummy knew best what you needed and, for your sake, followed through.  I hope you understand.


Mummy xxx


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