Potting Sunflowers


For her birthday, one of Miss E’s little friends got her a Suttons grow your own sunflowers set (Not entirely sure that was the correct name!).  We planted the sunflower seeds in the pot and followed the instructions.  Eleven grew, and, as happens with sunflowers, very quickly needed new homes.  My husband and I aren’t very good at following through with tasks like repotting plants and often things die. And, for a while, it looked like these sunflwoers might be facing the same fate.  I was determined they wouldn’t and finally we remembered to get compost and pots.



I could have done the task while Miss E was having a nap, and it would have been quicker and cleaner, but they are her sunflowers, and I wanted her to have the experience and start learning about plants and caring for them.

checking out the flower pots

checking out the flower pots


Miss E took this taskvery seriously indeed.  She is currently developing her skills of transferring objects from one container to another, and so this gave her the opportunity to transfer to her heart’s content.  She was very serious and engrossed throughout apart from when we were patting the compost down around the sunflowers after placing them in their homes.  Then sh ewould break out into giggles and pat down the soil with a “bat, bat, bat!”




DSC04051Miss E did need a change of clothes at the end of us as the compost clung to her and my kitchen floor needed sweeping, but the sunflowers got repotted, and we had a lovely time together.





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