Where Is My Dependence?


So, in a few days my husband starts a new job.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for him to develop the skills he wants to develop and as well as that it comes with a better salary.  This salary will be very useful for us in paying off the debts we have incurred.  There is also an option to get a company car or take monthly car payments instead of the car.  My husband opted for the car payments as this gives us even more free income to put towards debt clearance.  Great!  Life is lookin pretty rosy and we’re settling down for a comfortable ride, when a little lesson comes along…

Over a year ago one of our cars broke down pretty badly when the whole clutch had to be replaced.  It cost £700 to put it right. All has been fine with it since, but my husband now drives that car as I have no confidence in it seeing as the whole clutch problem started when I used to drive it while pregnant….quite scary to say the least!  Last night Mr P said he was stuck in some traffic so would be later than usual. I got another call when I was expecting him to be home and thought oh he must’ve hit some more traffic. Traffic would have been fine really, but,no, the car had broken down again with a clutch problem and he was sat in the car only a mile from home.  So near yet so far!  He had to call the breakdown service we are with and then wait for them to come.  While waiting he had a look at the car and in doing so ripped his suit.  So now, we have a car bill and a new suit to pay for.  It’s frustrating and I found myself thinking last night, “God, this isn’t fair, why would you allow this to happen?”  Just as quickly the answer came..”to remind you that  you need to depend on Me, not a new job, or more money.”  See, the job is a gift from God, the extra money is also a gift.  They are not permanent; they are not guaranteed forever; we cannot put our trust in them for we do not know how long we shall have them.  We cannot make grand plans for the money and assume they will happen, because life happens and things come up.  It’s not a nice lesson to learn, but it is necessary; we had drifted into that zone of relying on ourselves again as life was running smoothly and forgetting to count our blessings and be thankful for the great gifts we have been blessed with.


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