Small World Play



Miss E loves her Schleich animals, unfortunately her lovely pig had an incident with one of our dogs and lost a trotter and her ears, so we used the donkey instead.  I had read somewhere about using tea from tea bags for sensory play.  Once the hot water hits the tea bag it sterlises the tea, of course if you add milk before removing the teabag then it doesn’t work.  So we kept a tub by the kettle (I drink a lot of tea) collected the tea bags and emptied their contents out to dry.  I’ve had them in a pot and decided to set up a little small world farm scene for Miss E. I put some of the tea in there for the field, two of her tree blocks (she’d already removed one at this stage) a pine cone and of course the donkey seeing as our pig is out of action!  She loved running the tea through her hands and taking the loose parts out of the tub and back in again.  It was lovely to watch.  Do your children enjoy small world play?


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