Some Jokes Just Aren’t Funny


Yesterday was the infamous April Fool’s Day.  The day when people play jokes on others.  I don’t really get involved much, but most of the time the fun is harmless.  This year, however, it seemed to be the craze on Facebook to announce fake pregnancies.  I have lost count of the number of said pregnancies announced there.  This, to me, is a joke gone too far and here is why:

-Life is precious and God given.  It is not a joke or something to be made into a joke.  A pregnancy is a blessing from above and should be treated with respect.

-There are many women who have yet to experience the joy of announcing a pregnancy to their friends and family and some that ma never be able to.  For these women, this “joke” just adds more unnecessary pain to their lives when they see people joking about something they so desperately long to experience.

-There are other women such as the lovely Jennie at Edspire who are mourning the loss of a child and who would do anything and give anything to have that child back in their life.  For those women,this joke is also cruel.


We need to think a lot more before we type stuff on Facebook.  It’s too easy nowadays to blurt stuff out that we might think twice about if we were face to face with people.  Take a moment to look at jokes from other perspectives than just your own.


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  1. Sorry Sarah if I offended you. That was a joke for my family and some of my friends(sort of an inside thing). They all got it but I didn’t realize it was hurtful to others. So sorry again!

    • It wasn’t directed at you personally. It was just a general observation from yesterday where it seemed everyone and his mother thought it’d be a good idea to make the same joke on Facebook. But, as a rule, yeah it does offend me when people make light of something as sacred as the gift of life, but I accept your apology and I forgive ya 😀 No hard feelings. xx

  2. Thank you for posting this!

    I wrote the same thing on a blog post last year (it was big last year too) and I got comments from people who never commented before, some in support, some saying it was “harmless fun” and that I was being too sensitive. I have had hits from search engines all year about this and even got a new comment (saying that it was “harmless fun”) yesterday, a whole year after it was posted. I just don’t get how people can still think it is “harmless” as long as the intention wasn’t to hurt someone, when they’ve just read a post about how much hurt it could cause someone… I just don’t get it, and it makes me so sad for all the people these kind of “pranks” really hurt.

    So, thanks for posting xx

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