When The Veg Box Brings You Jerusalem Artichokes…




A few veg boxes ago now, we got a delivery of Jerusalem Artichokes.  it wasn’t something I had ever heard of or seen before.  A little bit of Googling and I discovered that they could be used just like potatoes.  As we were having roast dinner I decided to roast them.  I scrubbed them really well(they can really hold dirt well in all their little knobbly bits) then sliced them in half lengthways.  Some were really long, so these I cut in half widthways too.  I layed them in a roasting dish with about 6 smashed garlic cloves and I gave the whole lot a good dousing of olive oil and seasoned them with salt and pepper.  I then placed them in the oven at 220 celsius* for about 45 minutes.  They were so delicious.  A nice crispy skin with a sweet, soft, nutty flavoured middle.  Yum!  A word of warning though, these things have been known to cause extreme flatulence in certain people(I kid you not this warning came with them from Abel & Cole!), so if this is something you struggle with it may not be the vegetable for you to try.  Have you ever had a Jersulem Artichoke?  Have you got any other cooking suggestions for this veg?


*My oven is not fan assisted and I do need to turn it up anywhere from 10-20 degrees more than a normal oven and sometimes give things longer to cook, so adjust temperature and time for your oven.





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