Random Veg


When all you have are oddments of vegetables, and you’re waiting on your next veg box delivery what do you do?  make a stir fry, of course!

If you have them on hand,  mash up some garlic, ginger and fresh chillis using a mortar and pestle (the more the merrier).

Chop up all your veg (I like to put mine in two bowls: one for veg that will take slightly longer to stir fry and one for veg that just needs a really quick blitz in the pan)

Get your oil nice and hot then chuck in the paste you made and and swirl in around the pan, putting in bowl one of the veg (minus the bowl) quite quickly after.

Keep it all moving in the pan until things are starting to soften then put in the rest of the veg and cook til you’re happy.

Serve with some egg or rice noodles.




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