Some Days Are Just Like That




Some days are meant to be days of rest.  Some days are destined to be snuggling under the duvet days.  Yesterday was one such day.  We missed our Thoughtful Thursdays due to me being so ill. I decided to cut down on drinking so many cups of tea in a day at the end of last week.  I could get through about 8 cups in a day and all that tea and milk just wasn’t good for me as my sinuses were never clear.  So I cut it out.  I cut down the first few days replacing my tea with hot water and lemon then just stopped drinking tea altogether.  I always knew people could get caffeine withdrawal from stopping coffee, but I didn’t expect the same awful symptoms or at least not to the same degree with tea.  The first few days I was just totally drained and really cranky with really blocked sinuses(I had hoped this would go away with cutting out the milk), then on Wednesday night I only got  hours of sleep due to a teethy baby, so yesterday was awful.  I had the worst migraine, felt sick, if I lay down I was slightly better, but in any sort of upright position it just wasn’t good.  I also developed really bad pain in all my joints.   We spent the day in one room.  Thankfully some new books came(bought with a voucher which we received all for filling in a questionnare on Barefoot Books!  Brilliant!)Today, I am still in a lot of pain from the waist down so walking and bending are a nightmare, but my headache’s gone and so has the sickness.  Now I just need to beat this tiredness and hopefully I’ll feel much better.  I did a search for withdrawal symptoms and here’s what it said on :


Symptoms begin around 12-14 hours after cutting out the caffeine and are usually at their worst from 24-48 hours after(no kidding!) and can last up to 9 days(OUCH!).

Symptoms include the following:

-chills/hot spells

-decreased alertness

-difficulty concentrating or thinking

-digestive issues (constipation, nausea/vomiting)

-fatigue, lethargy, sleepiness

-headaches from moderate to severe

-irritability from moderate to severe



-muscle stiffness/pain

-sinus issues


So, that’s how my days are.  How are you?!  🙂  Have you ever given up caffeine for any reason?  Did you have any similar reactions when you cut it out?


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  1. Oof, sounds rough! I get similar symtpoms from drinking caffeine (sometimes after one cup of coffee, sometimes only after a few days having one cup a day!!) so I’ve never drunk enough to get withdrawal symptoms! But I can imagine days and days of it is awful… Poor you! Hope you feel better soon

    • Thanks! I was born to Northern Irish parents…a prolific tea drinking nation. I’ve grown up with tea all my life. When I was little I was given a cup of tea every morning not to mention throughout the rest of the day, so my body and brain have been deeply conditioned to drink tea haha. Probably why I am suffering to the extreme with cutting it out completely.

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