Reconnecting With Our Food


When we bought our house complete with large garden, we had always dreamed of growing our own veg and digging out some plots.  The first year we were here, I made a start and then took a teaching post then became very ill, so it came to a standstill. We got some potatoes and nice courgettes and a few chillis, but that was about it.  Then I was pregnant and super ill. Last year, we fenced off a section at the bottom of the garden where we want to grow the veg and that was all that got done.  We really want to get a move on with it this year.  So my husband’s been hard at work, clearing out bushes and trees and digging out the plots. I’ve ordered potato seeds from Rocket Gardens and the rest of our seed from Real Seeds.  So this time there’s no turning back!!  Hopefully, we will have lots of lovely vegetables to eat in a few months time and our daughter will be able to grow up understanding how food grows and the right conditions that it needs to grow before it gets to the point of landing on our plates at the table.  Exciting times ahead!  Have you ever grown your own vegetables?  Any hints and tips for getting started?


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