She Motivates Me


My daughter means the world to me.  I do a lot for her, but she does a lot on return for me.  One of those things being the motivation she gives me.  As I’ve mentioned before, I had to step out of my practitioners diploma in Reflexology while pregnant and once I became well enough to start again there were very obstacles to overcome with the college and awarding body.  Those were sorted and in January I wrote how I was determined to finish this thing this year even though I have been given til 2015.  Well, I was all set to start studies again in the New Year and I had done when yet another obstacle came my way via email from the college.  I was so demotivated and I didn’t even care anymore.  In fact, I had said to my husband I’m finished.  I’m not bothered about becoming a clinical Reflexologist because I am never going to go into practice(seeing that we are planning on continuing our daughter’s education at home once she reaches compulsory school age), there’s always one thing after another that happens, and it’s caused me to lose heart and interest in the whole thing.  I had given up; I had decided that was that.  A little while after making this decision, I was looking at my daughter and I was reminded that I didn’t go in to the training hoping to set up a thriving practice, I went in to train so I could help my family as it had helped me so much.  I don’t need to go into practice to be of help to my family at the end.  I also thought of what kind of example am I setting her?  In the future, when we talk about it and how I started but then gave up because I lost heart and interest due to the obstacles that came……..would I feel proud of saying that to her?  Or would I feel better giving her the example that yes, it was hard; yes, there were obstacles, yes, I wanted to quit, but I kept going to the end.  I finished what I started and I achieved something.  I know I want my example to be the latter.  I want her to know that if she has a dream she can get past the hurdles and get to the finish line.  The path from a to B might not be straightforward or as first imagined, but it’s still possible to arrive at B.  That’s what I want her to know, and I want her to know the sense of satisfaction that comes from achieving what you set out to achieve.  So, with her as my motivation and God as my strength, I WILL finish this diploma.  I WILL realise my dream.  I WILL soon be a clinical reflexologist, and I WILL use it to help those in need as I have been helped with it.


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  1. This is suxh a wonderful posts! We become the people we want our children to be inspired by, for them! Good luck with completing your training! I love reflexology, how lucky will your daughter be to not only have a mum who fights for her dreams but also knows how to soothe her with reflexology!

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