Messy Play Gone Wrong



Yesterday I wanted to try out something I had seen via Pinterest a long time ago.  I had saved the foam from the inside of a changing mat for this purpose.  Basically, you are supposed to place the flat large piece of foam in a tub about a similar size with about 2 inches of water dish soap and various colours of food dye.  As the child splashes and pats the foam lots of lovely coloured soap foam starts appearing….or that’s what happened in the Pinterest photos.  Ours didn’t quite turn out that way.  I didn’t have an underbed storage tub, so I just placed the foam on our tuff spot with warm water.  Seeing as I couldn’t judge the water I probably had too much which may have been part of the problem.  The food dye didn’t create any lovely coloured bubble foam, it sorted of just mixed together into a murky brown.  But, Miss E still had fun splashing around in her tuff spot, so it wasn’t all a lost cause 🙂  If I ever get a small tub I might give it a try again some day.  I’ve kept the piece of foam just incase!  DSC04360


Have you and your little ones been up to any messy play this week?  Don’t forget to click on the linky button at the top to go check out what others have been up to. 🙂


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