Finding The Funny


Well, it’s been one of those days when a worst parenting scenario came true.  The day got off to a great start; Miss E and I having laughs over breakfast, getting dishes out of the way etc before heading upstairs to get ready for the day. We got upstairs and she happily started playing, so I decided I’d make the beds, hang some clothes up in Miss E’s wardrobe and then take her to clean her teeth, get a fresh nappy on and get dressed before I hopped in the shower.  While busying myself I could hear her playing with something velcro, but as she is often rummaging in drawers and our wardrobe I thought nothing to it.  As I came out of a room Miss E wasn’t in to head back to her bedroom(which she also wasn’t in), I smelled the ominous odour of poo.  I thought to myself that it was unusually strong in the air, but carried on placing a few last bits in the wardrobe as getting her to the bathroom was next on my list.  When I had finished in her room it suddenly struck me that things were e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y quiet…..the kind of quiet where a child is very intently focused on a task at hand.  That could be a good thing, and normally it is, but not today!  Oh no, today was something I wish never to see again in my parenting lifetime.  I walked into the bedroom and over the other side of the bed looking up at me from the floor was Miss E……Miss E sat bare-bottomed on the carpet with her entire nappy off (the velcro noise!), Miss E with poo over her face, her hands, her leg and her feet (she had clearly been squishy them in the poo).  I found a carpet with poo smears and she had also kindly placed it on some clothes that were draped nearby, worst of all a pair of my husband’s suit trousers.  In about a second of surveying the devastation and taking a sharp inhalation of air I burst into fits of laughter.  We’ve been having quite a bad time lately, so don’t even ask me where the laughing came from at finding such a scene.  I also don’t do great with cleaning up body functions that are everywhere especially on the carpet or floor…ask Mr P, when the dogs have had terrible times inside or Miss E has vomited on the floor, I have been unable to deal with any of the clean up.  But somehow I managed to formulate a plan in an instant.  We rushed, laughing, to the bathroom where I wiped most of it off, I got the bath running and then ferried the new load of laundry downstairs to the washing machine.  Miss E stood upstairs watching me through the railing laughing away and I came back to find she had done a wee on the landing mat…..yet another load of laundry.  There are some days, when, if this same incident had happened, I would have gone in search of the nearest hole in the ground to swallow me up; it would have seriously knocked my whole day off kilter and put me in a grumpy mood.  Today, however, I was able to find the funny in such a situation! 😀  Hopefully, I can remember how to do it again when life throws me another less than perfect scenario in future.  Have you got any similar parenting stories?


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  1. This story made me smile and gave me a glimpse of what I am looking forward to seeing as my own Miss Emme grows. She is 3 months now so the only poo incidents we have had are her putting her foot in a poopy diaper when I was trying to change her and projective poo across the room after I took her temperature, hahaha. You’re right though, you’ve got to find the funny in these situations!

    • Hahaha! Ah, you have just jogged my memory about projective poos, I had forgotten those! But, yeah, I think it comes with territory as they grow up. A friend’s little boy was had some free time while his mum was dealing with one mess he’d created and he then did a poo and wee on the carpet lol. They certainly create a sense of humour in you if you didn’t have one before 😀

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